Classic Package

This is for you if:
You have an eating disorder, specific medical concerns, or other factors requiring a highly individualized approach. The most customized option.
  • Bundle of 4 sessions
  • Comprehensive initial session to review food and medical history, assess current nourishment status, and establish goals (1 hr)
  • Full 1 hour follow-up sessions with frequency tailored to client need
  • Think about this package structure as more similar to how you would work with a therapist
  • Unlimited message support from me between sessions
  • Strategies to improve relationship with food with intuitive eating techniques
  • Body image repair work
  • Practical tips including meal ideas, recipe suggestions, grocery planning, restaurant strategies
  • Receive a digital summary after each session with recaps, recommendations, resources, and referrals as needed

$195 per session ($780). Fully virtual.

Signature Package

This is for you if:
You love structured programs that focus on educational topics with the added benefit of customized feedback and support in each session. 
  • 8 part framework that helps you feel nourished + empowered so you can stress less about food and thrive. 
  • Eight 1:1 sessions that focus on key topics inspired by intuitive eating principles to leave diet culture behind
    • Nourishment Assessment. Determine how much your body needs at this stage of life + how to fit it into your routine (no calories or macro tracking required)
    • Meal Planning Tips. Review meal planning strategies and choose the right fit for you.
    • Interpreting Body Cues (part 1 and 2)
    • Destigmatizing Food. Banish the black and white thinking trap. 
    • Stress Eating. Unpacking this and other forms of emotional eating + learning alternative coping strategies
    • Movement. How movement can have a place without becoming obsessive or a burden.
    • Honoring Health. Allow modifications that support your health without sacrificing your relationship with food.

4 monthly payments of $350. Fully virtual.

Premium Package

This is for you if:
You want the most comprehensive program that maintains the structure of the Signature with additional tools to transform your body image. 
  • Everything in the Signature Package plus:
  • Body Image Bundle (2 sessions)
    • Identifying your body image triggers 
    • Strategies to start to heal your body image
  • Bonus session on the topic of your choice. Topics include but are not limited to:
    • Deep dive on supplements
    • Breastfeeding nutrition 
    • Family feeding dynamics (picky eaters? stressful meals?)
    • Raising intuitive eaters
    • Navigating tricky conversations about food + body (with friends, family, doctors, caregivers etc)
    • Nutrition strategies for fertility
  • 11 total sessions to be completed within 6 months.

5 monthly payments of $350. Fully Virtual.

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